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Why Our Candles are White?

Jul. 14, 2021

Most Candle Manufacturer color their wax, but not us. So, why are our candles white?

1. It's the natural look.

The wax for the candles is made from domestically produced natural soybeans. The reason we use soy wax in the first place is that soy wax is off-white, so why mess with the pure look of the wax? It is naturally beautiful.

White Candles

White Candles

2. No additives.

The only ingredients in our candles are natural soy wax and essential oils. Unlike paraffin wax candles, soy candles also cannot use dyes and require more darker coloring agents, which means the candle needs more additives. This not only affects the natural quality of our candles, but also upsets the balance of wax and fragrance.

3. Farmhouse Neutral!

In short, our White Candles naturally give off a flame that matches any decorative theme you may have in your home! It's especially suited to our personal favorite style: farmhouse! So many farmhouse decorations use neutral colors to create stunning designs and settings, perfect for Antique Candle Co. ™ candles with bright white wax!

Colored candles can be beautiful, but are all too common. We leave our wax in its original color, which is not only a cleaner, but for those of us who like the natural look, it's the perfect addition to any home!

Our company also offers Taper Candles, so please feel free to contact us if you need them!

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